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anticline formation (Animación del diagrama secuencial del corte del Antiforme del Narcea); axial surface of fold;
C Continental Drift from 750 to 540 Mya PaleoMap Project : from 750 Mya to present :
D duplex formation
E model of earthquake centered on Hayward Fault
F faulting;
fractional crystallization/magmatic settling;
M magmatic settling/fractional crystallization;
model of earthquake centered on Hayward Fault;
Video clip by H. Forke and Ch. Scheibner (Univ. of Bremen) of Mudflow in Lomfjorden, NE Spitsbergen, 2004 (. mov format, 35 sec., 5 Mb)
P plate tectonics from USGS;
plunge (fold)
T plate tectonics from USGS

Tarndale, New Zealand, Wairau Quicktime panorama (along the fault zone);
Death Valley Quicktime Panorama; I
nteractive 360 degree view of the San Andreas Fault at Wallace Creek;
Earth Revealed, courtesy of Anneberg Media, requires Windows media Player;

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